PIV Chains, Maharashtra, India.

E n q u i r y


The durable alloy steel drive chain features a unique design.

This P.I.V chain is constructed entirely of premium components to ensure maximum performance and durability.
P.I.V. chains are most commonly used on Infinitely variable R-Transmissions & Many Other Applications.

PIV Chain Transmissions are adjustable variable speed transmissions and variators featuring a metal PIV chain that positively engages
grooves in conical wheels, providing a drive that does not slip.

Applications of P.I.V. chains are as follows:

  1. Textile Industries:
    • Steuters
    • Blow Room Machinery
    • Processing Machinery
    • Texturising Textile Machinery
    • Steuters

  2. Packaging & Corrugating Industries:
    • Rotary Sheet Cutters

  3. Food Processing Industries:
    • Biscuit making machine
    • Stacking Machine

  4. Glass Industry:
  5. Paper and Pulp Industry:
  6. Chemical & Pharmaceuticals:
  7. Rubber Machinery:
  8. Rotary Printing Machinery:
  9. Coal and Mining Equipments:
  10. Cement Plants:
  11. Oil Refineries:
  12. Thermal Power Plants:
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